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URGENT NOTICE!!!! i spoke with the US Forest Service this morning and was informed that the Bass Lake Beach area will probably NOT be open for the weekend. The meeting will be at Wayne & Shawn Wyngaard's, 16400 John Lane, (corner of John Lane and Pine Ridge road) on Saturday at 9:00. Please tell everyone you see about the meeting location. The good thing is now we can have coffee. Thank you, Wayne Wyngaard

NOTICE!!!!! The Bass Lake Association meeting will be at the Public Beach on Saturday May, 26th

The DNR has finalized their Comprehensive Lake study, it is extremely informative and provides a in depth report of the history of the lake, current state and anticipated future of the fish population. The 2017 Creel survey has also been completed. Both of these documents can be found in the links section of the site.

Reminder: The Lake association meeting will be held at the Public beach on Saturday May 26th, 9:00 am. Agenda to follow.

Great News!!! Spring has finally arrived, the ice went out Saturday May 5th. The lake level is up approximately 9" from last fall which means probably more shoreline erosion this year. The program for lake property owners provided by the County as a cost share program for shoreline restoration projects is still available. Under the program the County will provide direction on shoreline restoration and cover 75% of the cost up to $2,500 per land owner. If you're having problems with your shoreline eroding it's worth contacting with them for input on how on to manage it. Contact for more information: Ken Dolata Oconto County Land Conservation 920.834.715 George and Susan Uihlein took advantage of this program last year, which starts with the DNR doing a site survey and providing a plan of what can and should be done. Once you work with the DNR on an agreed upon plan you get estimates and contract the work. The DNR is on site for the installation to assure everything is done properly. Their shoreline turned out very nice and the County provided over half of the cost. The process isn't easy and had it's moments of stress but was worth it in the end especially because altering the shoreline without DNR approval could result in much larger problems. Please attend the Spring meeting on Memorial Day May 28th at the public beach at 9:00 am. Thank you, Wayne Wyngaard

Hello Everyone - This year the spring meeting will be held at the Picnic area on Bass Lake on Saturday May 26th of Memorial Day weekend. The meeting will start at 9:00. Attendees can park at the boat landing without paying a fee or you can arrive by boat. Bring lawn chairs if you'd like, we'll have donuts and juice available. The rain plan is to have the meeting at the Wyngaard's at 16400 John Lane. An agenda will be published at a later date. See you there

Bass Lake Association is a member of the Oconto County Lakes and Waterways Association with someone from the lake representing our association. Mike Winius has represented us extremely well for many years and was a very active member in the association. Mike has stepped down from that position and we are in need of someone to represent our organization. This is a very important role to keep us informed and represent us at the County level. If you're interested please contact me.

Oconto Lakes project update!!! Gordon Brushwyler assisted the DNR with the initial survey of the lake. Following is his recap. I helped Brenda Nordin and her crew of 5 others (3 boats total) on Wednesday (8/2/17) perform their Aquatic Plant Survey on our lake.  It was an interesting time to see the thoroughness of the survey lasting a little over 6 hours not including the lunch break. They have our lake divided up into 500+ segments in order to record the data.  We took samples of all those areas that were 30 feet deep or less. I was in the boat with Brenda and her father, Tom.  We, actually Tom, took about a 100 samples.  These samples taken with a pole rake or rope rake recorded the depth, bottom characteristic (sand, muck, rock), amount of plants retrieved (scored 0/1/2/3), and identification and amounts (1/2/3) of each species.  A few were not clearly identifiable so were bagged and tagged for further analysis.  No invasive plants were found at any sampled locations 30 feet and above.  I was impressed with the knowledge of their ability to identify all the various species.  I did not become any kind of an expert in plant identification during this survey!  I just recorded the data so don't come to me asking me to identify any lake plants. 🤔 They also did a survey of all the downed trees touching the shoreline recording each location.  The other boats sampled various locations for zebra mussels.  One other function was additional topographical scan of some missing areas of the lake bottom. Brenda commented that this survey was much more intensive than the one we had a few years ago.  We should get a detailed report in perhaps a few weeks. Gordon Brushwyler

Board Members

Our current list of board members, their phone numbers & email addresses.

Wayne Wyngaard

Keith Uhlenbrauck
Vice President

Jane Wilz
Secretary Treasurer

Gordon Brushwyler

Britta Johnsson

Rick Mielke

Russ Ryczkowski

Jay Van Thiel

Todd Sabourin


Watching the measuring
One Groups catch
Teaching the kids how to fillet
2 of the many caught
Otters on the lake 2014
Into the fryer
Out of the fryer
One of the many caught
Everyone enjoyed the meal
Loon on nest 2017
Loon on nest 2017
Allie Wyngaard enjoying the parade
Boat parade launch 2017
Boat parade 2017
Boat Parade 2017
Boat Parade 2017
Boat parade 2017
Boat parade 2017
Boat Parade 2017